"With the topics set forth, Nina is not an easy role, Meghan St.Thomas did an exceptional job tackling this girl. As Nina, St.Thomas had an edge that avoided the stereotypical Emo route." - Theater in the Now

"In the difficult central role of Nina, Meghan St. Thomas is quite moving. With her sunny, girlish presence Ms. St. Thomas offers a vivid portrait of teenage despair and confusion. Having to strip down to her bra and panties during an awkward seduction sequence, St. Thomas maintains her dignity and valiantly soldiers on with her focused performance." - Theater Scene

"Meghan St. Thomas as Siobhan has the focus

to bring out the righteous anger that lives within

many children." - NY Theatre Now

"Meghan St. Thomas (Siobhan) had to play

youthful yet believable and captured the

curious bundle of energy." - Theater in the Now

"St. Thomas's solid performance and ability to carry the production was dynamic" - Off Off Online

"The company (including Meghan St. Thomas) quite literally breathes life into this production, and in that they are flawless.” - New York Theater Guide

" The eight-year-old child plagued by daemons and suicidal thoughts is portrayed beautifully (and honestly) by Meghan St. Thomas, who finds a way to claim space the way only the most imaginative and creative children can. She made the script.."

- Times Squre Chronicles 

"The Woodsman ensemble, featuring Meghan St. Thomas, is theatre at its best" - The Broadway Blog

"Meghan St. Thomas portrays the fractured Nina perfectly, and we could almost hear the ticking time bomb inside of her as she paced and self-denigrated. She had a massive journey to take from desperate innocence to forced maturity, and found a great emotional arc for her believable performance." - NY Theatre Guide


"Offering a new POV to the humble working class of Oz

(the expressive Meghan St. Thomas) - Edge Media Network

The youthful cast (including Meghan St. Thomas) convincingly create the sinister atmosphere of an elite school. -  NY Theater Now

"The company’s hands, feet, mouths and bodies in tandem make the sounds of the woods. This talented ensemble includes Meghan St. Thomas."

- Stage and Screen Cinema.

Meghan St. Thomas